The World-Wide MISSIONARY CRUSADER, Inc., was founded by Homer Duncan in September 1943 for the purpose of stimulating interest in foreign missions. This was primarily accomplished through the publication of a four-page monthly paper. In time this publication grew into a monthly magazine. For forty-three years the Missionary Crusader was published every month, without missing a single issue. The magazine was the backbone of the ministry and a vital link with our constituency. In 1951, the Crusader began printing primers, song books and Gospel portions for the Wycliffe Bible Translators. This developed into the printing of the Crusader’s own publications, which consisted mostly of small booklets authored by Homer Duncan on various aspects of the Christian life. The small booklet format was chosen because it afforded more space than a gospel tract, yet was still economically feasible to produce in large quantities. At first a few booklets in English were sent to people who wrote for them. Soon hundreds of orders were being filled each week. People in overseas areas then began to request literature in foreign languages. The printing of foreign language literature grew through the years to the point that now the Crusader has published materials in over 100 languages. A few years ago, limited funds prompted some hard decisions to be made. The Crusader magazine was a blessing to many over the years; however, increased printing and postage costs made it quite expensive to produce and distribute. Therefore, after much prayer, it was decided to stop sending out the Missionary Crusader magazine on a monthly basis. The financial pressures caused a review of the entire ministry and focused on the fact that through the years a gradual shift in ministry had occurred. The first objective of stimulating missionary interest evolved into a more active evangelistic outreach through the publishing of Gospel literature in foreign languages. Even though both objectives were worthy, it was concluded that the printing and distribution of foreign language literature had to take priority. The magazine went to born again believers while the other literature was principally directed toward those who had never heard the Good News and to new converts who did not have access to materials to help them grow in their spiritual life. The obvious choice was to concentrate on providing literature for world evangelism and the resulting new converts. The urgency of the hour and good stewardship dictated this course of action. Other changes have also taken place. Through the years literally tons of literature were shipped from our headquarters in Lubbock to all parts of the free world. At the beginning it was practical to send several small booklets out to individuals one packet at a time. However, as postage rates skyrocketed, this method of distribution was no longer feasible. Thus, the literature now sent out from Lubbock is largely restricted to bundles of booklets mailed to key overseas distributors. However, the bulk of the literature now being utilized is produced in the countries where it is distributed. It is God’s desire for every Christian to be actively engaged in the great task of world evangelism. The literature work of the MISSIONARY CRUSADER provides you the opportunity of having a direct and vital part in a Christ-honoring, doctrinally-sound, proven ministry of world outreach. You are encouraged to ask the Lord what part He would have you to have in this work. If you desire additional information, please write to us.   missionarycrusader@gmail.com